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There is a huge range of things to do around Les Basses Beaumettes and St Auban. We are 3km from the village of St Auban. There are several restaurants (although the selection is more limited in winter). The campsite has a very reasonably priced menu with an excellent choice of pizzas, lasagne, local dishes etc. It also has a small swimming pool which you are welcome to use. The Gargotte is open all year round and specialises in traditional local food. See our Eating Out page for information about other local restaurants.

The Gite Tonic, our local outdoor centre, caters for most local sports and in particular canyoning, for which this area is renowned. The Gite Tonic have guided day trips to suit all levels of bravery.

For those with a head for heights the Forest of Adventure at La Mouliere is a real must along with the via souterrata.  For more information on both of these activities have a look at our climbing and caving pages.

For walkers, in our apartment we have a folder with over 70 suggested walks to suit all levels, from an hour to full day, from high mountain walks to flat (ish) ones. We also have maps.

For cyclists, we have lots of suggestions for circuits to suit all levels of fitness, road and off road, including a 100km circuit with over 1000m of descent and ascent. You can hire mountain bikes at La Mouliere and enjoy a variety of hair-raising descents thanks to a chairlift providing quick uplift.

The Verdon Gorge is only 40 minutes away and makes a memorable day out whether visited by canoe, on foot, by bike or by car. Vultures have also just been reintroduced to the Gorge.

There are lots of beautiful "perched" villages to visit nearby, have a look at our villages page. We are half an hour from Castellane which has lovely old back streets to wander around, cafes and bars to sit and watch the world go by in, gift shops to buy anything you want with an olive painted on it and a market day on Wednesdays and Saturdays which is well worth a visit. Castellane is a canoeing and rafting centre full of companies ready to take you on whatever aquatic adventure takes your fancy. For more information have a look at the  Castellane Tourist Office website. For information about market days in other local towns and villages have a look at our shopping page.

For those who like something a little different but not too energetic, what about a visit to a bison farm?

Please look at the individual activity pages on our website (see menu on the left) for details about each sport and area of interest. Provence beyond's website also gives a lot of information about local sports.

The village park is centred around four pretty lakes, two of which are trout ponds and two of which are duck ponds. At the trout ponds you can either catch your own or have it caught for you. At the duck ponds there is a boules pitch and picnic tables.

The Clue de St Auban is a very impressive gorge with the Esteron River running through it which links St Auban to the towns and villages further north, it is made up of a series of waterfalls and pools. We are surrounded by clues and gorges - have a look at our gorges page, making St Auban an excellent base for canyoning and rock climbing.

For more information about St Auban have a look at the Mairie website or Provence Web's St Auban site.

We are one and a quarter hours from Nice so a visit to the coast is always an option, for more information have a look at the Nice Tourist Office website. There is also a bit about things to do in Nice on our shopping page including a map.  From Les Basses Beaumettes it is also possible to spend a day in Antibes or Cannes.

From Cannes it is well worth going across to either of the Iles de Lérins. The famous Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned in the 17th century on Ile Ste Marguerite (15 minutes by boat). You can visit his prison cell in the Royal Fort which also houses the Musée de la Mer. There are plenty of little coves to swim in, picnic tables and restaurants to linger in with a glass of wine whilst looking out over the Med. There is a bird sanctuary at one end and a foot path all the way round the island which makes for a very pleasant walk. L'Ile de Saint Honorat is smaller and home to 30 Cistercian Monks who live in Abbaye Notre Dame de Lérins. The journey by boat from Cannes to L'ile de Saint Honorat takes about 20 minutes.

If you want to travel slightly further afield when you are here and have some seriously expensive retail opportunities why not have a day out at Monaco. The cactus garden overlooking Monaco is well worth a visit.