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The sport of canyoning involves descending one of the many local gorges.

Our area is amongst the best in France for canyoning thanks to its unusual topography of gorges cut through by rivers, combined with a lovely warm climate.

Although it looks daunting the team from our local outdoor centre are excellent, making it a safe and fun day out. They provide instructors and all the smelly wetsuits you'll ever need.

You can do as long or as short a day canyoning as you want. Some of the canyons here take only two hours, others are a full, exhausting day out.



The sport of canyoning involves descending gorges, sometimes in the water, swimming or just letting yourself drift along with the current.

Sometimes it involves abseiling, or going across a Tyrolian, a single wire you traverse across on.

On baking hot days in the South of France it's an excellent way to cool off.




Sometimes the easiest way to get from a rock pool to the one below is to simply take the plunge and jump.

Top fashion prevails at all times of course - smelly old wetsuit, gloves and a helmet.

Fun and lots of swimming are guaranteed.






Guided canyoning

Canyoning can be done either with a guide or independently if you are suitably qualified. There is guided canyoning down the Clue de St Auban (3 km away) and most of the other local gorges, weather permitting. 

For further information on guided descents and prices have a look at the following websites :

For more photos of canyoning down Clue de Aiglun, Clue de St Auban, Riou de Gourdon, Gorge du Loup, Clue des Mujouls, the Verdon Gorge and Clue de Riolan have a look at the websites below. All of these Clues and Gorges are easily accessible from Les Basses Beaumettes:

Clue de St Auban is in our village, while Clue d’Aiglun, Clue des Mujouls and Clue du Riolan are all within half an hour's drive.  Further afield, the Gorges de Daluis, Gorges du Cians, Riou de Gourdon, Gorges du Loup and the Verdon Gorge are all less than an hour's drive away.

Independent canyoning

We have a copy of the Rando Oxgene guide book in the gite. Please remember canyoning is dangerous and the weather here changes very quickly. If you are not experienced, please go canyoning with the Gite Tonic rather than trying to do it independently, they provide all the equipment you'll need, most of which is virtually brand new and have very experienced guides.