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St Auban

There is a lot of rock climbing around St Auban.

The local climbing (3 km away) is mostly bolted single-pitch routes, although there are some much more challenging multi-pitch climbs available. 

An excellent article has been written on the village community website giving the history of rock climbing at St Auban and a bit about the different routes.

Local climbing guide books are supplied in the apartment.




Aiglun is 40 minutes from Les Basses Beaumettes and has some stunning climbing, grand, serious and vertiginous describe it, but you have to climb there yourself to really appreciate it.

The Verdon Gorge

We are only 40 mins drive from the Verdon Gorge which needs no introduction to rock climbers, exposed and vertiginous being the first two words that spring to mind when one thinks of the Verdon Gorge.





Climbing at Annot

Tom Payne October 2005

"Annot is about 50 minutes drive away, via the fairytale castle at Entrevaux. The climbing is just a short walk from the parking at the train station, and consists of bouldering and single-pitch routes up to 20m on the countless sandstone and conglomerate blocks scattered on the forested hillside above the town. Erosion has formed beautifully sculpted scoops and perfect pockets giving delightful technical climbing at all levels. The bolting is generous, the grades fair, and there's plenty of shade for the belayer. The guidebook costs 13 euros from the climbing shop "Le Degaine" at the south end of town and covers hundreds of routes and boulder problems."

The view from the top (see photo opposite) makes the climb definitely worth all the effort.




The following websites may be of interest to those wishing to climb in the area, there is also information about climbing at nearby Gréolières and Courmes at the very bottom of the page:

Via Ferratas

There is an exciting Via Ferrata at Puget Theniers within easy driving distance, designed by the late climber Patrick Berhault. GPs Coordinates  Latitude: 43.95 / Longitude: 6.9.

To get to the via ferrata, walk for 15 mins along a foot path from the car park. The Via ferrata takes about 2h 30 mins to do. At the end there is a 30 minute walk back down an easy path with stunning mountain views.

Height at start 520m

Height at finish 777m

Height gain 257m

Length 750m

Difficulty D+

Price 3 euros / person


You can hire all the equipment at the Office du Tourisme at Puget-Théniers. It is worth phoning in advance as they do tend to close for a very French long lunch hour or three - Tel: 04 93 05 05 05

See the via ferrata page of the gite tonic website for more information.

If the very vertiginous thought of doing a Via Ferrata brings on an attack of heeby-jeebies, then why not consider doing one underground! The world's first Via Souterrata can be found at La Mouliere (thirty minutes drive from Basses Beaumettes). For more information and photos about the via Souterrata have a look at the caving page.


Le Parcours aventure dans les arbres

Forests of adventure (Go Ape) have become very popular in France recently. They usually involve a tree top level walk round a forest, crossing rope bridges and swinging from tree to tree. The minimum and maximum age limits vary but are usually about 6 -77 yrs old. The Adventure Park at La Moulière has just opened a new Tyrolienne (zip wire), which is 470m long! There are 2 kids courses, a white (easy course), and red, black and gold courses for the fearless.

Make sure you wear shoes or trainers (not sandals) and tie your hair back.

Cost (2015) Adults 25 euros.

July and August - open every day.

May, June and September open every weekend and public holidays.

Groups set off at the following times : 9h30, 10h, 13h30, 14h, 16h30, 17h.

For more information tel: 04 93 36 60 57 or 06 60 52 66 25

Please note they do not take credit cards.

We have several Parcours aventure / forests of adventure near Les Basses Beaumettes:


Climbing at nearby Gréolières and Courmes


Rocher : Bon à très bon calcaire gris.

Altitude : 1000 m.

Orientation : Sud-Est.

Hauteur des voies : 20 à 25 m.

Type d'escalade : Dalles et murs athlétiques.

Nombre de voies : 60.

Difficultés : 5 à 8b.

Accès : De Nice, emprunter l'autoroute A.8 et sortir à Cagnes-sur-Mer. Aller à la Colle-sur-Loup et suivre la D.6 puis la D.3 jusqu'à Gréolières-Village. Prendre alors la route de Gréolières-les-Neiges sur 2 kms. La falaise se trouve sur la droite, dominant la route. Le sentier démarre derrière un gros bouquet d'arbustes.



Rocher : Très bon calcaire.

Altitude : 600 m.

Orientation : Ouest.

Hauteur des voies : 20 à 25 m.

Type d'escalade : Murs athlétiques.

Nombre de voies : 40.

Difficultés : 3 à 8a+.

Accès : De Nice, emprunter l'autoroute A.8 et sortir à Cagnes-sur-Mer. Aller à la Colle-sur-Loup et suivre la D.6 jusqu'au croisement de Bramafan. Prendre ensuite à droite en direction de Courmes, traverser le village puis à droite la route qui descend . Après 50 m, se garer à gauche sur un chemin de terre où débute un sentier (balisage rouge).