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The Arriere pays de Grasse is well known for its "perched villages", tiny clusters of houses perched on rock outcrops above the gorges. There are too many to name, but within a stones throw, we have St Auban, Le Mas, Gourdon (famous for its quirky little tourist shops), Rougon, Sigale (see photo opposite right) and Aiglun.

Mist over Le Mas, photo 1, photo 2 by Gerard Therin



There are lots of other picturesque medieval villages in the area including the fortified towns of Entrevaux (see photo opposite left) and Colmars, constructed by Vauban, and St Paul de Vence, a village of artisans.

A popular day out is to visit Entrevaux then the red gorges of Daluis and Cians or combine it with a day at Annot (see photo opposite right). There are suggestions of walks near Annot in our walks folder in the apartment.




Castellane (30 mins from Les Basses Beaumettes) has an excellent market day on Wednesday and Saturday mornings where you can buy local cheese, dried meat, choose from 20 different types of olives or sit and watch the world go by eating a pain au chocolat. For information and photos about market day in Castellane have a look at our shopping page. Castellane is a medieval town and well worth a wander around its narrow back streets. Walking up to Notre Dame du Roc, which is the chapel on the rocky outcrop above the town is well worth the effort. Castellane has lots of museums including the Musée de la Résistance, Musée Sirenes et Fossiles, Musée des Citroen and the Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires. Castellane is often referred to as the gateway to the Verdon Gorge, it is therefore the best place to book a canoe, rafting or aqua rando trip down the gorge. For more information have a look at our water sports page. We are happy to book any of these trips for you during your stay with us.

Each of our local villages has its own fete du village in the summer which are definitely worth going to, especially if you like being transported back in time to the days of the Eurovision song contest and the era when you knew all the words to the songs.

A bit further a field at the west end of the Verdon Gorge, and worth a visit is Moustieres Ste Maire, photo by Gerard Therin


Bargemon, Trigance and Rougon are all near the Verdon Gorge and could similarly be combined to make a lovely day out wandering old streets. Trigance has several wonderful little art galleries hidden away in corners - here's a glimpse inside the one owned by the delightful French artist  Arlette Hurel.




The village of Gars is wonderful to walk to from Les Basses Beaumettes via Col de Barratus.

Gars is a stunning medieval village which unlike a lot of similar villages nearer the cost, is not over run by tourists.

In August they have a street party which if you are here then is well worth going to.

For more information about this little gem of a village have a look at their Mairie website.





Tourette sur Loup (see photo opposite) makes a nice contrast from its very touristy neighbour St Paul de Vence

St Paul de Vence, the website has a nice photo gallery taken around St Paul.

Click on Valbonne to see their website, best to visit on Friday mornings which is market day.



La Sagne doesn't have its own website but is still well worth a visit.

Despite being so high up La Sagne is very sheltered so always has amazing flowers brightening up its narrow streets.

Due to its sheltered position and green fingered farmer Pierre Fabre La Sagne is know through out the whole region for its excellent organic produce.

As with Gars the street party at La Sagne is always a great event.



Markets are held in nearby towns at the following times:

Castellane: Wednesday and Saturday mornings
St Andre: Wednesday and Saturday mornings
Annot: Tuesday morning
Valbonne: Friday morning
Chateauneuf Pre du Lac:      Monday morning
Colmars: Tuesday and Friday mornings